About Us

About Us

PWC is a social club for women, please come visit!  We welcome visitors and will include you in the fun.  You’ll be seated with PWC members who will introduce you around and answer any questions.  If you have interest in visiting – or now attending our Zoom social hours or our Zoom speaker series due to COVID – please sign up for our newsletter on the form at the bottom of this page to keep informed.

More about us…

We rent the clubhouse as event space, and we hold fundraisers during the year to fund scholarships for local high school graduates and to restore and maintain our historic clubhouse.

Monthly Events

Make new friends. Learn new things. We hold two fun events per month. Come visit !


Rent our historic clubhouse for your special occasion.  Come take a tour!


Check out our Fundraisers page!

Meet our 2020-2021 Board of Directors

2020-2021 President 

Sue Bunker

2020 – 2021 PWC Board of Directors

VP Lunch Events 

Lori Nelson

VP Dinner Events

Melanie White-Lam

Co-VP Membership

Louise Benanti

Co-VP Membership

Marie Huhtala

Recording Secretary

Susan Hazy

Corresponding Secretary

Kathy Nagel

AP Treasurer

Anne Mirante

AR Treasurer

Linda Karr

Rentals Chair

Carol Bracco

House & Grounds Co-Chair

Nancy Fraser

House & Grounds Co-Chair

Lyn Grosser

Publicity Chair

LynAnn King

Social Media Chair

Barbara Martinez


Leslie Crane

New Member Liason

Leslie Crane

Internal Auditor

Barbara Crandell


Historian & Newsletter

Susan Price

Wine Lioness

Nancy Lefler

Yearbook Editor

Debbie Payne

Scholarship Co-Chair

Debbie Daunt

Scholarship Co-Chair

Drea Pierotti

Marketing Assistant

Linda Corbet

Web Mistress

Rosemary Hart

Our Members

Petaluma Woman’s Club (PWC) is home away from home to a lively membership of community-minded, spirited women who meet regularly for luncheon or dinner events.  Our members are a diverse group who share a commitment to the community and culture of Petaluma.  Come visit and find friendship and camaraderie inside these doors.  Being a Petaluma resident is not a requirement!

Our members are a diverse group who

  • Attend events to socialize and make new friends.
  • Share a commitment to each other, and the community and culture of Petaluma.
  • Take pride in the restoration of our historic Clubhouse.
  • Are honored to present scholarships to local high school girls annually.
  • Have fun!

Enjoy a few pictures of the fun we have as members.  Click on a picture to show as slideshow…

Our Clubhouse

PWC also rents our historical clubhouse for your special event….

The Petaluma Woman’s Club as a major event space and rental venue can boast of countless events that have dominated its spacious interiors for over a century.  Imagine the blinding, popping flash bulbs amidst laughter, tears, satin, lace, suits and ties that record our Grand Ballroom activities in countless, precious wedding albums.  If walls could talk, the Petaluma Woman’s Club would vibrate history, much like the city itself.

Much like the beautiful, historical city of Petaluma, Petaluma Woman’s Club continues to grow and thrive with many memories and friendships.  We are proud that the PWC is included in this city’s remarkable piece of California history.

Our Fundraising Events

the Crab Feed,

the Scholarship Spaghetti Feed,

the USO Dance

the newest; Sips & Bites.

The all you can eat Crab Feed is held to raise funds to keep our historic building in tip top shape.  The Scholarship Spaghetti Feed creates a fund for college scholarships for Petaluma girls.  The USO Dance was created in 2017 for further funding our building restoration fund, and we are proud to announce our newest; Sips & Bites.  All of these public events sell out fast. Buy your tickets as soon as they go on sale.  We’ll post the dates on this website well before each event.  The Crab Feed is in early February, the Spaghetti Feed is in early October, the biennial USO Dance is in early November, and Sips & Bites is in early April.  Sign up to get event notifications.  Click here for more PWC Fundraising Event information.



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